About Diltra

Diltra International Translation & Document Management JSC is a leading multi-language translation service vendor located in Turkey with more than 25-years of experience in the fields of translation, localization, terminology management and proofreading.


We offer our services under the following principles:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Procedures
  • EN 15038 European Translation Services Standard
  • Skill and experience to manage and deliver high-quality short and long-term translation projects
  • Continuous investment in language technologies and human resources

We rely on above and our global network of well-tried expert translators and proofreaders to deliver a professional translation service to our clients.


Holding a strong substructure in language technologies and our custom-made flexible approach to customer relations all enable us to add value to each step of the translation process to yield the best quality in translation services.


DILTRA was established in 1988, in parallel to Turkey’s increasing global relations and global communication demands for foreign languages in the second half of the 1980s in Turkey.


The rapid change in the commercial life of Istanbul during the same years led the owners to restructure the company as a corporation that would build its growth on the principles of Full Customer Satisfaction and Total Quality.


Having served the Istanbul area and extending its language services throughout the entire nation, DILTA established collaborations with other translation companies and corporations around the world for long-term, large-volume translation projects.


DILTA underwent a second restructuring in mid-2000 by investing in human resources, state-of-the-art language technologies, automation systems, terminology management, and CAT tools. DILTRA was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate during this second restructuring phase.


A member of the Translation Association and founding member of the Association of Translation Companies in Turkey, as well as holding international memberships in the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (F.I.T.) and European Language Industry Association (E.L.I.A.) DILTRA stands as one of the leading Language Service Providers in Turkey.


Our company is located in modern office premises in the heart of Istanbul, in Taksim on the European side with one branch office in Altunizade, on the Asian side.


We offer translation, interpretation, and globalization and localization services in all languages, with an extensive in-house and freelance translator team, all specialized in their own fields, and complemented by an experienced office staff composed of project managers, proofreaders, and editors. Our in-house Multilingual Desktop Publishing Team offers high-quality, translation-related design services.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high-quality translation services in line with ever-changing and developing global conditions.

We strive to set an example in our field in terms of service and applications, in order to become a pioneering and preferred LSP who constantly improves and develops our market conditions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to set an example as a value-creating LSP for our country, community, customers and employees.


Diltra undertakes to keep confidential all kinds of information and data provided by the client. This covers all trusted written and oral information in texts or electronic media. Confidential information is not disclosed to third parties or corporations, and access to such information is kept strictly under sole responsibility of our company. Diltra employees have always avoided and shall continue to avoid any and all conflicts of interest that would jeopardize customer relations.


All employees and stakeholders work under a confidentiality agreement.


Our quotations and offers automatically include a confidentiality agreement. We are also ready to sign customer-specific exclusive confidentiality agreements.