Corporate Translation Services – The Principle: Identify, Adopt and Use


We believe the success in corporate translation services can be achieved only through identifying and adopting the client’s corporate culture and using its corporate terminology! Diltra commits itself to comply with this principle.


Language localisation differs from a regular translation work since it involves an extensive study of the target culture to have the product or the service adapted to local needs correctly. Expert knowledge in culture and advanced translation technologies are vital for the translation of web sites, marketing documents and other multimedia content in order to achieve the most desired results.

Diltra International Translation JSC understands that the most common complications during the launching of a product or service in international markets are related to the language usage. Diltra has been successfully localizing web sites and marketing documents of globally well-known products and services for many years thanks to its intellectual team of localizing experts and transcreators.


Continuous investment in business development is the company philosophy of Diltra and it spends the utmost effort to lower the translation expenses of its clients through investment in new translation technologies.

As a producer of multilingual documentation, the company hosts expansive translation memory systems for each of its long-term clients to facilitate the integration of their new translations to achieve consistent terminology and style.


Diltra offers a solution partnership in translation to its corporate clientele as becoming an integral part of their business flow. The company provides fully confidential professional translation service acting like an internal translation department of the client. Diltra is flexible in applying quality management processes according to the document in question depending on the target area of usage.


Each assignment is followed-up by one of our project managers. Diltra’s project managers are responsible of offering quotes, receiving orders, planning the work-flow and assuring the completion of all necessary quality controls and graphic works; and, of course, official certifications, if necessary.