Interpretation Services



Besides its high-quality translation services, Diltra also offers various types of interpretation services.


Types of Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker stops talking at the end of a thought or a sentence in every 3-5 minutes right after which the interpreter interprets what was said into the target language.

This type of interpretation is usually adopted in business meetings, trainings, court hearings and notarial procedures.

Our company employs both notary sworn and free-lance interpreters and they are usually available upon appointment in advance and during the working hours.

Simultaneous Interpretation

This type of interpretation is used in addressing to a large number of audiences especially in conferences, congresses and in similar events. The interpreter sits in a special booth and wears a pair of headphones. As the interpreter interprets into the target language he/she speaks into a microphone. His/her voice is received by the audience through special headphones. Simultaneous interpretation equipment must be provided either by the hosting venue or by the interpretation service company. Prices may differ according the number of audience and other organization features. Please send your inquiry at least 30 days or couple of months in advance.

Whispering Interpreting

This is also called “chuchotage”. This type of interpretation is used only for one or two people. Best results in one-to-one small meetings, tours and social events. The interpreter sits next to the meeting people and simultaneously interprets in a low, whispering voice. No technical equipment is necessary. Please ask for details and make an appointment at least 30 days in advance.